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Man fighting for fathers’ rights headed to trial

by | Jun 3, 2014 | Fathers' Rights |

Fathers in Florida may be familiar with the battles of fighting for fathers’ rights. A man in another state has recently found himself in a situation where he is literally fighting to be with his son. After trials and tribulations in the case, he and his son’s mother are now forced to go to trial to determine where the boy’s best interest lies — with his mother or father. This case of fathers’ rights in a child custody battle is not the norm of a mother wanting to move in order to work or go to school; it is about a mother wanting to be with her new husband.

Thirteen years ago, a wife moved on from her relationship with her ex-husband and remarried. They have since shared the custody of their now 15-year-old son. Only now, the mother of the boy has requested that she be granted authority by the courts to move her son to Mexico with her to live.

The reasonings behind this are that her new husband has recently been deported back to his country of origin — Mexico. The ongoing battle began with the mother being denied the option of moving her son, but that decision has recently been appealed by the mother herself. She still wants to move the child to be with her and her current husband in Mexico.

This case is headed for trial in an attempt to decipher what is best for the teenage boy. The man fighting for fathers’ rights in addition to any other Florida parent in a similar situation may benefit from knowing that they do have options beyond just standing by. They may also benefit from becoming educated on all aspects of child custody and similar laws in an attempt to have not only the fairest outcome but the best decision made for their child.

Source: omaha.com, “Court reverses decision keeping mom from moving boy to Mexico after husband’s deportation”, Joe Duggan, May 30, 2014

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