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January may be best month for Florida divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2013 | Firm News |

New Years celebrations may be spent counting down the minutes until midnight for many Florida residents. The new year brings new beginnings and it often gets people excited thinking of all of the possibilities the new year has to offer. Aside from many New Years traditions, there is one trend that is just beginning — divorce. It’s true that many divorce lawyers claim there are many filing for divorce in January, and there may be a few reasons for it.

Getting past the holidays with little uproar from family or children can play a huge deciding role in the decision to wait until January to divorce. In addition, the new year means new opportunities. Thinking of New Year’s resolutions may make one reluctant to living another year in an unhappy marriage, being the perfect time to divorce.

Many employees receive certain bonus checks around Christmas time. Waiting until the holidays are over and the checks have been deposited into the bank can ensure the funds will be split during the divorce. Anything acquired in the marriage will be a marital asset, so it may be beneficial to ensure everything needed is accredited to being a marital asset.

Filing taxes may be the last thing that goes through someone’s mind who is looking to divorce, but it should. Starting a divorce process in the beginning of the year gives one the full year to get organized in preparation for filing taxes for the following year. Many factors go into single-filing taxes, such as which of the parents would claim the children, or who gets the deductible for the interest on the family home? It can be beneficial to have time to think about such big decisions.

There are many benefits for a Florida resident to want to start the year anew. Divorce can be the start of that new, happier life for many. January can be one of the best months to divorce because of all the opportunities the beginning of the year can bring, and one may want to embrace that.

Source: Huffington Post, Three reasons why January may be the best time to file for divorce, Bari Zell, Dec. 11, 2013

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