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Usher petitions for child support modifications

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2013 | Firm News |

Even celebrities may find themselves in the middle of a family law issue. Many in Florida have been following the divorce issues faced by pop star singer Usher which has caught significant media attention. Recently, another chapter in the saga has been unfolding. The singer is now asking the court for child support modifications to lower his required payments to his former wife.

The 34-year-old singer is currently required to pay $8,000 per month to his former wife Tameka Foster for the former couple’s two sons, Naviyd Eli and Usher V. The music star filed a petition to modify child support with the court in early August. Usher argues the current court-ordered amount stemmed from an old agreement that is not reflective of recent changes in custody arrangements for the children.

The singer had been given primary custody of the two children in 2012; however, the court-ordered child support amount does not reflect this change in custody arrangements. Usher claims he has overpaid for seven months and is asking the judge to modify the required support payments. On the other hand, his former wife recently filed an emergency request to be given custody of the children after one of their sons almost drowned in the pool while in his father’s custody.

Despite the media attention, this case is not unlike many other child custody cases in Florida or in any other state. Many parents find themselves at odds with their current custody and child support arrangements, which could prompt a parent to petition for child support modifications or for a change in custody arrangements. However, each petition requires following proper legal procedure which includes a variety of forms which must be properly selected and completed in order to fit each individual situation.

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