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How to prevent a divorce from damaging a career

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Blog, Divorce |

Those who get divorced in Florida or elsewhere may find that the end of their marriages have a profound impact on their lives. In some cases, it may make it harder to focus or remain productive at work. Ideally, individuals will develop a support system to help them deal with the emotional issues that a divorce can cause. A support system may include friends, a professional therapist or colleagues.

Workers who choose to talk to their colleagues about their divorces should be careful about what they divulge. In some cases, information that they share with others can have a negative impact on their career. It is also possible that coworkers or superiors won’t have much of a reaction upon hearing about an employee’s personal problems. Of course, there is a chance that a manager will be a source of support while a person works through the trauma of ending a marriage.

It may be a good idea for those in the midst of a divorce to take some time away from work. While spending more time on the job may seem like a good way to forget about problems at home, it can potentially make the problem worse. In many cases, becoming a workaholic is as bad as becoming addicted to alcohol, drugs or any other vice.

A person who is getting a divorce may be entitled to alimony, child support or other financial resources from a spouse. That person may also be entitled to retain possession of a family home or obtain a portion of a bank, brokerage or retirement account. If an individual had a prenuptial agreement with his or her former spouse, that agreement may stipulate how a settlement is structured. An attorney may be able to review the agreement to determine its validity.


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