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Domestic Violence Myths

by | May 1, 2020 | Blog |

Domestic violence is not an easy topic to discuss, especially if you have personally gone through it or know someone who has. But while many Americans may have individual impressions on what exactly falls under domestic violence, we are here to debunk the myths. It is always helpful to advocate this type of family law and help those to know their rights!

It has to get physical to count as domestic violence

This is the myth you probably hear most often. Do not wait until it gets physical for you to say something. Why do you ask? Domestic violence can be an array of different types of abuse. Getting emotionally or verbally abused are some of the common forms of domestic violence. For example, getting death threats or getting stalked in any way counts and should be stopped before it is too late. Speak up and say something with the help of a licensed attorney. Your safety should not have to cost you your life. We can help you work towards restraining, harassment orders or fight for criminal cases that deal with law enforcement.

It is only between two people

If two individual parents are fighting and one or both partners are committing domestic violence acts in the household and there are children present, it becomes everyone’s problem. Children are most affected by being around domestic violence abusers in the family. It can take a toll on the child’s psychological well being, their performance in school and being able to trust the individual committing the violence. It can also get worse if the child gets hurt unintentionally or on purpose while the act is occurring. These cases do not adhere to drug users only. Abusers come in all forms, no matter the background.

It begins with men

Domestic violence is usually seen as a double standard. Many have the impression that it starts with men. We are here to tell you that gender does not matter. In fact, many women and members of the LGBTQ community can also commit acts of abuse. The bottom line is no one should have to go through any sort of violence, especially from their spouse or family member, no matter their gender.

It is only seen in lower-class families

We see it in movies all the time. A domestic violence scenario is played out towards lower-class families. Demographics, however, show that domestic violence can come from anywhere and anyone in any given spectrum and circumstance. Violence is known to stem from many diverse backgrounds, including anger management problems, financial reasons, manipulative/controlling behaviors and more with people who are closest to us compared to acquaintances or strangers. No level of hierarchy classifies domestic violence, which is why we are here to help everyone facing abuse equally.

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