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Many will wait until after the holidays to announce divorce

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Firm News |

In just a few weeks, the seemingly endless hustle and bustle of the holiday season will be a thing of the past. Once the gifts are put away, the decorations taken down and the last glass of eggnog is drained, many Florida spouses will be ready to have a serious discussion with their partners about their desires to divorce. Very few people broach the subject in the midst of the holidays, which is why divorce attorneys see so many new filings in the first few months of each year.

Research reveals that March is the month in which the highest rates of divorce filings occur. This is understandable when one considers that, if a spouse decides to end his or her marriage, the first few weeks of the new year may not be ideal. That time is often spent getting the household back to normal, paying bills from the holidays and generally decompressing from what may have been a stressful couple of months. Then it is time to research divorce attorneys and make a selection, which can take time. Once that process is complete, many spouses will need a few weeks to gather documents and make preparations.

Spouses can make use of this time to ensure that they are fully prepared for the time that will follow the divorce filing. This includes figuring out a post-divorce budget, securing new living arrangements and looking into the pros and cons of various property division choices. Having these tasks handled before the process begins can give a spouse a distinct advantage once things get rolling.

Florida spouses should take advantage of the first few weeks of the year to make some important decisions about how to navigate a divorce. While a certain degree of preparation can be a good thing, it is entirely possible to wait too long. Excessive delay only provides an opportunity for one’s circumstances to change, which can make it far more difficult to seek the desired outcome, which is the end of an untenable marriage.

Source: Miami Herald, “Studies show couples wait until after holidays to divorce”, Tim Grant, Dec. 14, 2015

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