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How pets are treated during property division

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2015 | Firm News |

Property division and other financial matters are usually negotiated in divorce. Besides homes, Florida spouses often have disputes regarding who gets to keep the pet during property division. Most areas treat pets as property while others allow owners to have custody arrangements.

One couple that had two dogs decided to split the dogs after their divorce. Since they were both agreeable, the divorce was pretty easy. However, not all spouses are so amiable with each other when pets are the subject of divorce. Reports indicate that it is not always easy to separate pets and that they should not be split up after marriages break apart. In most areas, pets are named as property and are divided as such.

In areas where custody arrangements are allowed, the courts take a number of things into consideration when deciding which person will have custody of the pet. These considerations include who is more financially stable, who takes care of the pet on a daily basis, and who is responsible for keeping up with the pet’s veterinarian visits. It is recommended that pets are not going back and forth between households too regularly.

Any type of property division could end up being a bitter battle, including matters involving pets. Often spouses opt to work out matters on their own with a third-party mediator to avoid litigation in the courtroom. When dispute resolution is not successful, the civil court system in Florida typically handles these types of matters and divides property in a manner that is equitable and fair.

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