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Parents fight over circumcision agreed to in parenting plan

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2015 | Firm News |

A number of unmarried parents would agree that matters involving their children can be quite frustrating. This is not just limited to who gets child custody but can also include decisions that are addressed in a parenting plan. In a recent case, two Florida parents are in a bitter dispute regarding their 4-year-old son’s circumcision.

After the boy’s father went through the legal system in hopes of being granted partial custody, the parents had to draft a parenting plan in which they included language concerning their son’s circumcision. However, the parents have been battling for the past year about whether circumcision would be performed on the boy. According to reports, the father attempted to schedule a surgery, but the mother filed motions against it. She said that she had carefully considered the procedure and changed her mind. The case ended up in a circuit court and then went to a Florida state appeals court — both courts ruled in favor of the father.

After the appellate ruling, the mother filed emergency documents as a last ditch effort to stop the circumcision, but a judge denied her motion. The father says that the mother is using all means to prevent doctors from performing the procedure. Circumcision is a common procedure that, according to the CDC, has more benefits than risks.

This child custody case is an example of how crucial a parenting plan can be for all divorced or otherwise unmarried parents living in Florida. Most critical child care responsibilities are covered in a parenting plan, so it is imperative that all parents do their due diligence when drafting these important agreements. The assistance of a family law professional may prove beneficial when drafting such a plan.

Source: timesunion.com, “Last-ditch protests in fight over Florida boy’s circumcision”, Matt Sedensky, Feb. 23, 2015

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