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A collaborative divorce may reduce trauma in a Florida divorce

On Behalf of | May 13, 2014 | Firm News |

Although the divorce process is often made out to be a long and unpleasant experience that produces its fair share of trauma, this is not necessarily true. Florida couples who are considering divorce may have noticed that times have changed. There are alternative ways to dissolve a marriage, such as through effective communication and the services of a mediator. This is, of course, only true if a couple is willing to compromise and negotiate.

In certain circumstances, litigation may be the best approach to bringing about the desired results. However, many modern couples opt for a collaborative divorce in an attempt to maintain some degree of a family bond. Collaborative law allows both spouses to resolve challenges and disagreements through the help of an objective outside party. With the help of a mediator and each spouse’s counsel, settlement agreements may be reached without the need for litigation.

Through the collaborative process, divorcing couples may find that they can keep decisions in their own hands. Although each party may not get his or her own way in all issues, both parties may ensure that their interests are protected. Available resources that help couples resolve issues can include obtaining the services of financial and insurance advisors and divorce coaches.

Through communication and compromise, children may also come out the other side less scarred. Once all issues are resolved, and the necessary agreements reached, the settlement agreement has to be presented to a Florida court for approval, upon which a judgment of divorce may be obtained. By optimizing opportunities offered by collaborative law, each spouse may find it easier to move forward with starting a new life.

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