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How can parenting time violations affect kids?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2024 | Blog, Child Custody |

Parenting time violations can have a profound impact on children’s lives. These violations affect a child’s emotional well-being and relationships with both parents. Parents must address these violations promptly to ensure their child’s healthy development.

These violations occur when one parent denies or interferes with the other parent’s court-ordered access to their children. This can take various forms, such as canceling scheduled visits, arriving late for drop-offs or refusing to return the child after visitation.

The impact on children

Children thrive when they have consistent and loving relationships with both parents. Parenting time violations can lead to emotional distress, anxiety and feelings of abandonment in children. It may also affect their academic performance, social interactions and overall well-being. By dealing with these violations, parents can prioritize the child’s best interests.

Focusing on parenting time violations also helps foster healthy co-parenting relationships. By holding the violator accountable, both parents can respect the court’s orders and work together.

Addressing violations

When informal attempts to address parenting time violations fail, going to court may be necessary. Documenting incidents, keeping a record of missed visitations and gathering evidence can be helpful in court proceedings. The Florida Legislature writes that parenting time violations can lead to various penalties, such as makeup time, paying costs and even contempt of court charges.

Taking action over parenting time violations is necessary to safeguard the emotional well-being and stability of children. When parents handle violations properly, children can maintain healthy relationships with each party, fostering their growth and happiness.


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