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What Your Insurance Company Should Provide For You After A Hurricane

Hurricane season is officially here and, while you can’t avoid Mother Nature and her wrath, you can always be prepared. Knowing what to expect following a disaster like a hurricane can make a huge difference in how your claim is dealt with. If you have ever experienced damage from a hurricane, then you know dealing with a disaster claim is extremely stressful. For one, you are already overwhelmed at the damage that has been caused. But in addition to your claim, there are typically hundreds of other people going through the same thing. This means that many insurance providers may be understaffed or overburdened during the time of your claim.

Here’s more information about what steps to take and what your insurance company should provide for you after a hurricane.

Call Your Agency

Your first step following a hurricane should be to call your insurance agency. The worst mistake you can make is to delay or put off the phone call. This phone call will help you to understand what you can get compensated for and can make you aware of a deductible. Plus, you will receive their expertise regarding your situation.

If Damage Happens…

During this time, things may seem crazy. In addition to calling your insurance agency you should follow these three steps:

  1. Try to prevent any further loss or damage from occurring.
  2. Save any items that you may be able to.
  3. Take any photos and/or videos of damage you can so you can provide proof of loss.

If your situation is dangerous, then avoid the above tips. It is not worth risking your life over and you should evacuate to safer refuge.

Meeting With Your Insurance Adjuster

Following your phone call with your insurance provider, they will assign a specific agent to your case. You will also be sent a proof of loss form to fill in with your information. Your assigned adjuster will work with you to settle your claim. They report everything they see to the insurance agency, decide what work needs to be done to repair your property and review your proof of loss paperwork. The following are items your adjuster should review with you:

● Deductibles (or your qualification for a waiver of deductible)

● Additional living expense allowance

● Debris removal

● Questions regarding your proof of loss list

● What comes next and what you should expect

Once all of the requirements on your end have been filled, they will be able to issue a final claims settlement and you should be on your way to home repairs. Remaining prepared is the first step any homeowner can take before, during and after a disaster.

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