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What To Do If Your Neighbor’s Dog Bites You

Dog bites can cause serious injuries to their victims. When a dog bite occurs in Pensacola, Florida victims may be entitled to monetary compensation under one or more Florida laws. Just like all personal injury cases, time is of the essence. If you or someone you know has been attacked by a dog contact Stephen T. Holman. We can guarantee that all deadlines for your case will be met and will work to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injury.

Statutory Strict Liability

When a dog bite happens in Pensacola, the legal standard used is known as the statutory strict liability. In short terms, the statute holds dog owners liable when their dog bites a person and causes an injury. The dog’s owner can be deemed liable for the injuries caused even if the dog has never harmed anyone or shown aggressive tendencies. If the victim shows any negligent behavior, it can potentially reduce the owner’s liability. The liability rule does not apply to cases that include: trespassers on land, police or military dogs who were performing their duties or damages to property caused by a vicious dog.


A dog owner can also be held liable if they did something that a reasonable dog owner would not have done or failed to do something a reasonable owner would have done. The owner’s negligence would then lead to the dog attacking the victim. For example, if a dog owner walks them without a leash, they may be seen as negligent in the case their dog bites someone.

Statute of Limitations

In the state of Florida, a lawsuit must be filed in the court system within four years of the date in which the injury occurred. If a claim or lawsuit is not filed within this time period, the victim is not allowed to seek monetary recovery for injuries they acquired during the incident. Stephen T. Holman can help guarantee that your legal rights are preserved and provide the legal representation you need.

If you have sustained a dog bite injury, don’t wait to take legal matters. Stephen T. Holman, Senior Partner, and Justin T. Holman, Partner, are committed to providing the best legal service in Pensacola, Pace and Cantonment, FL in a variety of legal areas including Family Law and Personal Injury. We specialize in Fathers’ Rights and will be there every step of the way to fight for your rights. Our office is located at 1940 W. Saint Mary Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32501. Contact us now for a free consultation at 850-435-6909 or go online at www.HolmanFirm.com.