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What To Do If Your Child Support Payments Are Not Being Used Appropriately

Typically, following a divorce one of the parents receives monthly child support payments. The parent who usually receives these payments is known as the custodial parent. Or, the parent the children lives with most of the time. It is common for arguments to occur regarding the usage of child support payments. Most of the time, the non-custodial parent thinks the custodial parent is misusing the money, while the custodial parent claims the payments aren’t enough. However, there are some cases where the custodial parent is blatantly misspending the child support funds and not meeting the child’s needs. While Florida courts do not routinely make custodial parents account for how they are using child support payments, they do have the right to require the parent to show how the funds are being used at any time.

What Child Support Is Used For

Funds received from child support are to help cover the necessary costs a child would need in the case both parents were still together in the same household. Examples of this include good food, proper clothing and grooming, health insurance and medical care, daycare, recreational activities, access to proper education and more.

Misuse of Child Support Payments

An example of child support being payments being misused would be an instance where the child is being neglected. Therefore, they are not receiving the proper food, shelter or other necessities the payments are intended to help provide. In the state of Florida, misuse of child support funds can also be viewed as a form of child abuse.

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