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What To Do If You Slip And Fall At A Grocery Store

When you are out running your daily errands, the last thing you expect is to be injured. A slip and fall due to someone’s else negligence can cause severe and lasting pain and possible financial hardship. Most falls occur because the business has not taken the proper measurements to ensure the safety of its patrons.

Get Medical Attention

At first, your injury may not seem serious, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek medical care. If you are seriously injured call 911 immediately after reporting the incident be sure to visit a medical facility and have a doctor exam your injury. Failure to do so may make it more problematic to prove that your injury was the result of the accident.

Report the Incident

If the accident occurred at a business, then it is important to file a report. Most companies have a procedure they must follow for any incidents that happen. A report will ensure the proper documentation of when and where the accident took place. Ask for a copy (if available) of the report.

Inspect the Space

Examine where the incident took place and take notes of what you see. Look for any items such as liquids, uneven flooring, trash, or objects that may have caused the fall. Documenting your findings will prove to be helpful in your case.

Take Photos

If you have access to a phone, then take pictures of where the fall happened and the conditions may have caused the accident.

Speak to Witnesses

If your fall occurred in a public space such as a grocery store, then it is likely you will have witnesses to your injury. Retrieve the names and contact information of people who may or may not have witnessed the incident. Any information will provide details of what happened before, during or after the fall.

Avoid Talking

As tempting as it may be to express anger or point fingers, do your best to refrain from talking. Any witnesses or the business owner may use what you are saying in court.

Write Down What You Remember

One of the best things you can do after a slip and fall accident is to write down everything you remember. Doing this while it’s fresh on your mind will ensure you have the details of everything leading up to the accident. Record what you were doing before the fall and what happened afterward.

You do not have to suffer at the hand of someone else’s negligence. If you have experienced an injury due to a slip and fall accident, then call us at The Holman Firm. We have the resources and expertise to get you the compensation you deserve.

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