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Issues That Can Come Up After A Divorce Is Finalized

Finalizing a divorce signifies a milestone. However, sometimes even after a divorce is final, issues will occur. Some may take place soon after the divorce is final. Others may come about over time. Today, we take a closer look at what some of these are. It is very important to educate yourself and those you care about on issues that can come up after a divorce is finalized so that all are prepared, know what to expect and are empowered with knowledge.

The following are 5 issues that come about after a divorce is finalized.

Overlooking circulating a new last name

It is not unusual for a divorced woman to have the desire to return to her previous maiden name. Many times, this is a change that is pursued soon after the divorce is final. Be sure to leave no stone unturned when noting the new name change on every and all-important records and documents to avoid major issues down the road.

Considerations to be aware of include:

  • Driver’s license name change
  • Major bills such as credit cards and mortgage
  • Documents at your children’s schools. For example, ensure the new last name is reflected in emergency pickup documents for your child.
  • Medical providers’ health records
  • Necessary prescriptions
  • Passport documents
  • Emergency and safety information

Change of residence

A change of primary residence is common after a divorce is final. One or both spouses move out of the previously shared home. Issues can arise after a divorce is finalized when the new address is not circulated fully. Once you settle on a new home address where you will be for 6 months or more make the address change official on your driver’s license or ID card and other important records.

Change of custody

Where there are minor aged children involved you may find a need to return to your attorney to pursue a modification to the agreed upon custody arrangement. This comes about for various reasons. One main reason is a safety concern arises such as the use of alcohol or illicit drugs in the corresponding home. Next, the former spouse may move further out of the area making transport to the school of choice during the week difficult. Finally, a third reason is that one parent finds themselves in flux in residence or ability to provide for the child due to a job loss, and so it is in the child’s best interest to live primarily and legally in the more stabilized home.

Financial support

Alimony and child support laws differ from state to state. Partner with your attorney to be very familiar with your rights under these laws to avoid issues and protect your rights. Many times, the financial situation may likely change enough with either party to warrant a modification in support. People get promoted with a raise in pay or the opposite happens. Child support can work either way in favor of the former husband or wife. This depends upon the state in which the divorce takes place, the incomes of each party and the financial obligations.

Change of joint accounts

In this modern era, there are certainly more joint accounts than the bank only. Many couples share social media accounts, credit cards, wholesale club accounts and so on. Spend ample time going through your list to cover all the joint accounts and decide who takes on what, then establish your accounts in your name only. Social media is one often overlooked area that can cause major issues after a divorce is finalized and can cause the most public damage to a reputation.

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