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Internet Crimes Require Sophisticated Representation

State and federal laws continue to impose increasingly severe penalties on people who are convicted of Internet crimes. Many local and federal law enforcement agencies have dedicated task forces that focus solely on uncovering and preventing Internet crimes. There are many Internet activities that people don’t even know are illegal.

If you are facing charges for any type of Internet or computer-related crime, it is critical that you seek the advice of a reliable Florida criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. At the law firm of The Holman Law Firm, we represent clients in a broad range of complex Internet crimes. Our Pensacola attorneys have the experience, knowledge and skill to protect your interests in these matters.

Strong Representation From Bay County Identity Theft Defense Lawyers

Conviction for certain Internet crimes can result in extremely severe penalties, including substantial fines and lengthy jail sentences. We fully investigate your case and work with you to understand the circumstances surrounding your case. We explore every defense strategy, including the possibility that someone else accessed your computer to commit the crime.

We are prepared to defend you against any type of Internet crime, including the following:

Free Consultation About Online Crime Charges

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