Do You Know How A DUI Will Impact You?

Alcohol-related criminal charges can have a huge impact on your personal and professional life. Whether you are facing DUI charges, BUI charges, or minor in possession (MIP), alcohol-related charges, you need to be able to face those charges with the confidence that comes from securing the representation of a criminal defense attorney who has the experience necessary to fully protect your rights.

Consequences for a DUI can include:

  • Restitution for Injuries or Property Damage
  • Losing your Driving Privileges
  • 10-day Impoundment of Your Vehicle
  • Fines and Costs
  • Increased Insurance Premiums
  • Mandatory Attendance at DUI Impact Panels

At The Holman Law Firm, our Pensacola DUI lawyer, John M. Kvartek, has been helping protect the rights of those facing DUI and other alcohol-related charges for more than 15 years. We understand how imperative it is that you have a solid defense. Alcohol-related charges can create havoc with your life. The possibility of jail, and losing your driving privileges, not to mention fines and the impoundment of your vehicle, make it critical that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney there to help you secure the best possible resolution.

Boating Under The Influence (BUI)

Boating under the influence charges are very serious and need to be addressed just as urgently as DUI charges. We are experienced in providing effective defense against BUI charges.

Minor In Possession (MIP)

For young people, an alcohol-related conviction can be very damaging to their future. Help your young person begin his or her life with a clean slate by ensuring that his or her rights receive the defense he or she deserves.

Free DUI Consultation

If you have been charged with DUI, BUI or MIP, you need to take the steps necessary to ensure that you are protected. Contact John M. Kvartek and secure the representation of a criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience in these cases. When the quality of representation truly matters, turn to the lawyers at The Holman Law Firm, proudly serving Northwest Florida for 3 decades. To schedule a free initial consultation, call toll free at 850-435-6909 or simply contact us online.

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