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Case Results

We represented a Father who’s job throughout the marriage required him working long hours, often having him sacrifice valuable time with his family. As the parties proceeded to get divorced, the Mother tried to move with the parties children over 800 miles away so that she could be closer to her childhood home. In Court, we were able to prove that the Father was not away from his family by his own choice, as he was doing everything in his power to give his children the best lives possible. We were able to prove that, given the new circumstances, the Father was willing and able to be in the children’s lives as a full time dad. Ultimately, the Court denied Mother’s request to relocate, and the children had the opportunity to be raised by both parents, equally, in Pensacola, Florida.

We represented a woman who had been mentally and physically abused by her Husband for many years. She was a stay at home mom for three (3) minor children and had not worked in over ten (10) years. We helped give her the courage to face her Husband in Court to fight for her children and the lifestyle she deserved. Although domestic violence cases are very hard to prove in Court, as there are often trace amounts of evidence other than the parties statements, the Court was able to see the type of Husband and Father the opposing party was and awarded Mother the majority time sharing in an effort to protect the children.

We represented a Father who was looking at an excessive amount of child support due to his high income and the Mother’s lack of income. The Father insisted that the Mother had a history working odd-end jobs of which she never had provable income. By looking through the Mother’s checking and bank statements, we were able to prove that she was actually making a relatively substantial amount of income through her odd-end jobs. By proving Mother’s consistent income, we were able to reduce the Father’s child-support obligation by nearly half of his original court-ordered amount.