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Why Prenuptial Agreements Can Help Any Marriage Succeed

While topic may be taboo, prenuptial agreements can bring spouses closer


When many people think of prenuptial agreements, they often envision a marriage involving two spouses with vastly different levels of income. However, according to the Huffington Post, prenuptial agreements are something that any marriage can make use of. Although such agreements may not sound romantic and can be downright taboo for many, they can also be an important tool for not only protecting one’s financial position but also bringing spouses closer together before the big wedding day.

Not just for the rich

Peoples’ lives today tend to be far less stable than they were a few decades ago. A husband or wife may change jobs every few years and the spouse who was in the worse financial position at the beginning of the marriage may see his or her prospects improve later on. A prenuptial agreement can provide some much needed stability and predictability.

Furthermore, one spouse may choose to forgo his or her professional career in order to stay home and take care of the children. As KRDO News reports, in such a situation the absence of a prenuptial agreement can lead to disputes over whether the stay-at-home mom or dad simply didn’t want to work or actually gave up a financially promising future in order to take care of the children.

Bringing spouses closer

Granted, prenuptial agreements certainly don’t bring up images of romance in most people’s minds. However, many spouses who choose a prenuptial agreement say they feel closer to one another after the process. That experience is not completely surprising given that prenuptial agreements require an element that is also necessary for any marriage to succeed: honesty.

Many people are surprised to learn how their soon-to-be spouses behave under financial pressure. Uncovering information about debts and impulsive purchasing behaviors when drafting a prenuptial agreement can lead to important discussions that should be made before a couple ties the knot. Other couples also learn other surprising things about their partner when drafting a prenuptial agreement, such as a spouse’s willingness to stay home with any future children Although many people say they intend to talk to their spouse about these important financial and other marriage concerns, few ever do until it is too late. A prenuptial agreement can force couples to talk about these vital matters early on and often, bringing those couples closer together.

Legal advice

Experts almost always advise couples to talk with a family law attorney if they are considering drafting a prenuptial agreement. Relying on online “do-it-yourself” agreements or advice from friends and family can lead to an agreement that is unenforceable in court. An experienced family law attorney can help couples draft an agreement that is enforceable and covers all the important areas. With expert advice, soon-to-be spouses will have the confidence and reassurance they need when embarking on their lives together.