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Low-Impact And Low-Speed Accidents Can Be Serious

Many people who sustain injuries in a low-speed auto accident are not taken seriously by insurance companies, even though insurance companies are well aware of significant studies and research which validates injuries from low-impact/low-speed accidents. At the law firm of The Holman Law Firm, we recognize that although low-impact accidents may seem minor, they can impact your lifestyle. We evaluate your claim and give you straightforward advice about how to move forward.

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The Long-Term Consequences Of Low-Impact Injuries

With over 50 years of combined experience, our Pensacola attorneys know how to effectively analyze and prepare a personal injury claim following a low-speed auto accident. We also work with medical experts who can explain how a deep muscle or soft tissue injury can take weeks or months to fully manifest themselves.

In cases involving concussions and neck injuries, chronic pain, headaches, and tingling and loss of dexterity can appear months after an accident. Our medical experts explain the physiology of injuries and tissue damage, providing information and evidence regarding client’s injuries in relation to a low-impact accident.

Working To Maximize Your Personal Injury Claim

Many insurance companies use a claims settlement calculating software program called, “Colossus.”

  • Colossus calculates claims payouts based on variables entered by a claims adjuster and pre-set algorithms that assign values given the variables entered.
  • As a result, Colossus does not allow human judgment to play as much a role in determining claims payouts as was the case a generation ago.
  • Additionally, Colossus calculates economic losses and does not take into account pain and suffering.

Our attorneys understand the shortcomings of Colossus and are prepared to challenge the assumptions of the program that often distort the actual financial impact of a low-impact injury.

Contact Our Low-Impact Injury Attorneys

For more information regarding how we can help you, contact our accident lawyers at the law firm of The Holman Law Firm, to evaluate your low-speed accident injury. We serve the following areas: PensacolaPace, Cantonment, Florida.