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Intent Makes A Difference In Drug Possession Cases

Drug possession with intent to sell or distribute is an extremely serious offense in Florida. A conviction in these cases can result in severe penalties, including substantial fines, jail time and a criminal record that could follow you for the rest of your life. It is important that you have an experienced Pensacola drug possession with intent to sell defense lawyer representing you from the start.

At the law firm of The Holman Law Firm, our attorneys defend clients against a wide variety of serious drug charges. We know your rights, and we know how to protect them. The law is clear with regard to law enforcement officials’ authority in the course of conducting an investigation. We hold them accountable to the law and take decisive action when their actions violate your rights.

Strategic Defense In Complex Drug Crime Cases

In many instances, law enforcement officials will attempt to build a case for possession with intent to sell based on circumstantial evidence. If they find you in possession of a significant quantity of drugs, for example, they may look for scales, baggies and other equipment typically used in a sales operation. Simply being in possession of the equipment, however, does not create the intent to sell.

We work closely with you to gain a complete understanding of the circumstances surrounding your case. We conduct a complete investigation and build the most compelling possible defense on your behalf. We seize any opportunity to suppress illegally obtained evidence and seek the reduction or dismissal of charges if your rights have been violated at any point in the process.

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