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Panama City is located in the Northwest section of the Florida Panhandle in Bay County. It sits along Highway 98 and is 9 miles east of the popular beach town Panama City Beach. Panama City is the biggest city between Pensacola and Tallahassee.

History of Panama City

Before it was incorporated in 1909, Panama City went by the name Floriopolis, Park Resort and Harrison. The city was founded by developer George Mortimer West and named after the Central American capital city (Panama City, Panama). Panama City also lies in the intersection between Chicago and the Panama Canal.

Panama City is located on Florida’s intracoastal waterway and is home to the Port of Panama City complex. The port provides cargo services for many industries including forestry, steel and copper.

Population Statistics

Currently, the population in Panama City is 36,661 and the average age is 39.

Marital Statistics in Panama City

Married: 43.1%

Single: 56.8%

Separated: 3%

Widowed: 8.7%

Divorced: 17%

Driving Numbers

The average commute time in Panama City is 20 minutes.

In 2018, Panama City had the following driving information:

Total Crashes: 1,435

Crashes with injuries: 482

Traffic fatalities: 4

Cost of Living

Crashes involving pedestrians: 36

Crashes involving bicycles: 16

Commercial Vehicle Crashes: 197

The unemployment rate in Panama City is 4.5%. The United States average is 3.9%.

The median income in Panama City is $37,453 and the average home value is $192,100.

Along with tourism and retail, the military provides many job opportunities for its residents.

Military Information

For many years, Panama City has been the base of Navy, Air Force and served as one of the biggest Coast Guard Stations. Tyndall Air Force Base is located just east of Panama City and is home to the 325th Fighter Wing. The United States Navy’s Naval Support Activity Panama City is just outside the city. Many research and training projects are conducted at the facility.

The U.S. Army’s Aviation Center of Excellence in Fort Rucker, Alabama is 90 miles north of Panama City.

Because of its steep military history, Panama City has over 1,600 veterans living in the city.

Weather Information

Panama City has a subtropical and warm climate with hot summers and milder winters. Due to its location on the Gulf of Mexico, Panama City is susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes. In 2018, Panama City and its neighboring city Mexico Beach received extensive damage due to Hurricane Michael. It was rated as a Category 5 hurricane and is considered the third-most powerful Atlantic hurricane.

Panama City’s tornado average is within Florida’s state average and 6% lower than the U.S. amount. Bay County has a higher number of natural disasters at 28 than the U.S. average of 13.

Panama City receives up to 60 inches of rain per year and has an average of 237 sunny days.

Panama City has an average of 107 days with some form of precipitation.

Over the years there have been 22 national emergencies declared including Hurricanes 13, Floods 7, Tropical Storms 6, Tornadoes 3, Winds 3, Storms 5, Fires 3, and Heavy Rain 1 (Some reports may be listed under duplicate categories).

Annual Events in Panama City

Panama City holds many annual events including the 56th Bay Annual Exhibition, presented by Bay Arts Alliance at Panama City Center for the ARTS; the Bloody Mary & Music Fest in October and the Lobster Festival and Tournament, both hosted by Schooners.

With Panama City Beach just steps away, residents and visitors are close to the events held in the area including the New Years Eve Beach Ball Drop at Pier Park, the SandJam and Seabreeze Jazz Festival in April, the Pepsi Gulf Coast held in late August/early September, and Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rallies held in the fall.