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How divorce issues can hinder ability to purchase a home

Many Florida residents emerge from a divorce with an enormous sense of energy and enthusiasm about rebuilding their lives to suit their personal needs and aspirations. For some, a large step along the path toward independence is purchasing a home of their own. Even in times of economic uncertainty, buying a home remains one of the wisest financial moves that an individual can make. However, some would-be homeowners find that lingering divorce issues can have an adverse effect on their ability to finance a new home purchase.

For divorcing Baby Boomers, alimony often chief concern

As Baby Boomers age, matrimonial experts are reporting an increase in "gray divorce," a phenomenon in which older couples end their marital unions. Divorces involving individuals over the age of 50 have their own unique dynamics compared to divorcing that involve younger couples. One major difference is the focus in the divorce case.

Florida alimony bill vetoed by governor

It is likely that this past spring there were many individuals in the state of Florida who were closely watching the alimony overhaul bill that would have dramatically changed the way the spousal support payments were handled in the state of Florida. Known as SB 718, the legislation made it all the way to the desk of governor Rick Scott before it was vetoed.

Preparing for a divorce

According to a matrimonial attorney, March is one of the busiest times of the year for divorces. People who live in Florida may receive bonuses or tax returns during this time of year that make them decide it is time to move on. Before someone files for divorce, there are some steps that they should take to put them in a better financial situation and prepare them for the legal process. Having records of bank accounts, tax filings and credit card statements can help individuals build an argument for keeping certain assets or the need for child support and alimony. Therefore, gathering financial paperwork is one of the most important steps when someone is considering ending their marriage. Some credit companies will even break down types of spending, allowing people to show who charged what and when.

Bill against Sharia law makes its way through Senate

If passed, new Florida legislation could keep the courts from deferring to foreign laws such as Sharia law when they make legal decisions. This could impact the handling of several aspects of family law especially divorce, remarriage, child custody and inheritance. SB 58, as the bill is known, effectively seeks to elevate Florida law above foreign law. In 2012, the bill was approved by the House but not by the Senate. This time, the legislation is still making its way through the Senate and then must go to the House. A state senator and state representative co-sponsored the bill and insisted that it is not directed against Islam but rather that its purpose is to concentrate on the constitutional rights of Florida residents.
Opponents say the bills address problems that don't exist. Oklahoma voted a similar amendment into legislation that was later overturned, and South Dakota recently approved such a law.

Focus on prenups, postnuptial agreements: ensuring enforceability

For a number of very logical -- and often compelling -- reasons, increasingly more couples in Florida and across the United States have been executing both prenuptial agreements and postmarital contracts in recent years.

Pressure from military divorcees to end lifetime alimony rules

Supporting a former spouse after the end of a marriage is a very common scenario among recent divorcees. Family law has statutes that dictate a fair amount of alimony that a former spouse can receive after a divorce. However, different states, and certain military positions, may have existing laws that can cause some contention among recent military divorcees.

Liberty Ross divorcing Rupert Sanders after cheating scandal

Even amicable divorces can engender a myriad of emotions from the couples involved in them. When the end of a marriage involves allegations of infidelity, however, the financial and emotional stakes can be even higher. A divorce in which either party is angry with the other can lead to a courtroom battle.

Same-name Florida couple seeks divorce

Even couples that seem fated to be together could face the end of a marriage if things are not working out. When two people make the decision for divorce, the ability to maintain a friendly or civil relationship can make legal proceedings easier for everyone involved. Our readers in Pensacola and Escambia counties may be interested in the curious case of the same-named couple.

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