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International child custody cases can become very complex

An American father is facing a complex child custody fight after his former wife removed their young son from the country and took him back to the nation of her birth. The father has only had limited access to his son since the mother took the child to a family wedding in 2013, and he is asking that the child be returned under the provisions of the Hague Convention. As he continues his international child custody fight, he may face an uphill battle. Many Florida parents have endured similar struggles. 

Surviving a parenting plan with a difficult partner

Once a child custody case is settled and a division of rights and duties has been established, many Florida parents believe that the bulk of contention with their ex will be over. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Living with a parenting plan can be difficult, especially for parents who do not have a healthy relationship with one another. The following tips are offered in the hopes of easing some of the common areas of conflict.

Summer brings custody and visitation woes

In many Florida families who have gone through divorce, the summer months can pose a particular challenge. Often, the agreed-upon custody and visitation schedule allows the parent who has less time during the school year to have the bulk of summer visitation. This can be hard on both the parents and the child, and special care must be taken to ensure that kids have a positive experience.

Jon Gosselin seeks child custody of one of eight children

Many Florida readers are familiar with the names Jon and Kate Gosselin, who are featured on the reality television show "Kate Plus 8," formerly known as "Jon and Kate Plus 8." The show focuses on the family's life raising a set of sexuplets, a pair of twins and an older daughter. While the parents divorced some time back, the mother and children are still filming episodes of the show. The father of the children is now seeking child custody of the older child, claiming that she is being mistreated in the care of her mother.

Could parents lose child custody over "unschooling?"

Florida readers may be aware of a controversial custody fight between a family of 12 and authorities in their state of residence. The state has removed 10 minor children from the care of their parents after a complaint was filed with child protective services. The family believes that the basis for the complaint and resulting child custody battle was the family's choice to allow their children to be educated in an "unschooling" environment.

Mother denied child custody in bitter case

When a romantic relationship ends, the former partners are often left with hurt feelings and, in some cases, bitterness. As a result, some who have children together often have a hard time agreeing on what is in the best interest of their children. In a case such as this, a Florida family court may have to step in a make a determination. An out-of-state judge recently made a child custody ruling in a contentious case involving three children.

How shared child custody agreements benefit children

Parents who are divorced or divorcing are often still emotional over the collapse of their relationships. Because of this, many Florida parents battle with each other regarding child custody arrangements. Of course, a number of parents will argue that they are the best suitable parent for the child, but research indicates that children thrive more when they are able to spend time with both parents.

Mother loses child custody following school presentation

Child custody cases can be difficult for everyone involved. Florida parents find this even more intimidating when their children are taken by child protective services. A boy's presentation at an anti-drug event in school may have cost his mother child custody. The boy was placed with child protective services after authorities discovered marijuana in the mother's home.

Parents fight over circumcision agreed to in parenting plan

A number of unmarried parents would agree that matters involving their children can be quite frustrating. This is not just limited to who gets child custody but can also include decisions that are addressed in a parenting plan. In a recent case, two Florida parents are in a bitter dispute regarding their 4-year-old son's circumcision.

Florida kids of divorce may need a consistent parenting plan

One of the trickiest aspects of navigating a divorce is when children are part of the mix. In these cases, many parents opt to create a thorough parenting plan with the help of a legal representative. The problem, though, is that parents don't always -- and can't always -- follow the plan to a "T." This can leave room for negative feelings on the parts of everyone involved, especially when one parent feels as though he or she is being left out. A better way to manage any custody arrangement is for Florida divorcing couples to agree to consistency in handling all areas of the parenting plan, including when the parenting plan needs to be transiently modified.

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