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Florida divorce: Ensuring that a spouse is honest about assets

Couples who have decided that their marriage is over have many issues to settle between them. One of those may concern whether one party has tried to conceal assets during the divorce process. One publication has recently offered some pointers that may be useful for separating couples in every state, including Florida.

Consider retirement planning during divorce negotiations

Because of the increasing numbers of divorces coming later in life, a focus on retirement issues is important. This may be particularly applicable in Florida due to large segments of retirement-age residents. Due to divorce, several programs and funds that two people had together must now be re-designed as a separate unit for each person.

Husband flees in high-asset divorce case

Florida readers may be following media coverage of a high-profile divorce that has shocked many within the American financial industry. The case centers on the former Chairman of a major metropolitan Board of Trade and his estranged wife. The two have been embroiled in a long running divorce battle, which has now spilled over into criminal charges.

Dividing property in the event of a Florida divorce

Among the chief concerns of Florida spouses who are preparing to divorce is how to handle the division of marital property. Real estate poses a particular concern, due to the large volume of uncertainties surrounding the value of a home and its likelihood of selling. For some, the challenges of dealing with the disposition of the family home are overwhelming. Couples should remember, however, that they have options when it comes to dividing property during a divorce.

Financial advice for men facing a divorce

When it comes to advice concerning the end of a marriage, the vast bulk of what is written is geared toward advising women. Wives are presented with a wide range of resources concerning their legal options, financial planning and negotiation strategies as they prepare to end their marriage. Advice aimed at men is much harder to come by. One recently published article aims to educate men in Florida and elsewhere on the top issues that they will face when they begin the divorce process.

Knowing when it is time to move forward with divorce

For many Florida spouses, the hardest part of a faltering marriage is knowing when it is time to pull the plug. We are taught to work out marital problems, and in many cases that is the best approach. There are some unions, however, in which marital damage simply cannot be repaired, and the best course of action for all parties is to file for divorce. A recently published article aims to help spouses identify when a relationship has reached that point.

Shared assets important in Florida divorce negotiations

Divorce can be a harrowing situation, signifying the dissolution of what a married couple had hoped would be a successful marriage. Amid the emotions, ranging from sorrow to anger, that can flood a couple during a divorce, it can be easy to overlook critical details during this type of family law proceeding in Florida. A recent article highlights several areas to consider before filing for divorce so that an individual claims their fair share of the cash and other assets that they once shared with a spouse.

Learning lessons from the divorce process of the rich and famous

The divorce process is never easy and the more affluent the couple involved, the more difficult settlement negotiations can become. However, in the case of Rupert Murdoch, the wealthy CEO of The News Corporation, and his wife Wendy, their divorce process is not likely to be reported much in the news. Unlike many Florida couples, these two have gone through divorces before. Since they have had prior experience with the divorce process, it may help out of court settlement proceedings go smoother and be more successful.

Status updates can lower one's financial status in a divorce

For many in Florida, updating their Facebook status is a regular part of their day or week. Social media is a great way to share information about one's achievements and activities, and to connect to friends and family who are far away. However, when divorce is on the horizon, social media users should carefully evaluate what they post, and how their actions could be used against them in court.

Is it possible to finance a Florida divorce?

When a Florida marriage is falling apart, spouses often base their decision to file for divorce on a range of financial factors. Even wealthy spouses have to consider the financial aspects of a divorce, especially in cases in which one spouse has little control over the family finances. It is not uncommon for an angry spouse to limit the ability of the other partner to access marital funds, which can cause problems when attempting to end an unhappy marriage.

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