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Telling children about divorce may be easier than lying

Husbands and wives considering divorce in Florida may have a lot to think about. It is a big decision and one that should be made with great care. Although many couples may think of the ways a divorce affects their children, they may not think of the ways that an unhappy marriage affects them. This is not likely by intention or by lack of concern. It is usually because there is already so much to worry about when considering a divorce.

Knowing a Florida divorce is right

Many couples who divorce in Florida may have known the exact moment their marriage was essentially over. It may have been after finding out a partner was having an affair, or if drugs and domestic violence were involved. Although many reach a breaking point, there are still so many who have no idea if they want to divorce, or if it is just a phase they are going through. There are a few easy steps to decide if divorce is the right thing for both of the partners.

More Florida marriages end in divorce within a year

Divorce is a common event that couples experience. Most Florida marriages last approximately 14 years before the end, which may seem like a respectable length of time to try to work out marital issues. With that being said, however, there is a certain percentage of marriages that end in divorce within the first year. As most are aware, there really isn't a way to tell which way a marriage will go at the beginning, but there are some considerations couples can consider.

Postnups can offer financial security for divorce in Florida

A prenuptial agreement is a popular document used by many couples before entering into a marriage. Postnups are also getting increased popularity for Florida spouses who got married before having a pre-marital agreement. A postnuptial agreement can protect spouses' financial interests in the event of a divorce.

Being nice to a Florida judge in a divorce is recommended

Any couple divorcing in Florida will see a judge during litigation of their divorce. Many couples may forget that the judge plays a huge role in how life will be after divorce. Judges are the ones who order visitation and custody agreements, in addition to determining child support payments and other items that can play a huge role in life after one's divorce. There are strategies that appear successful for many couples to use while in the presence of the judge, which may benefit a person in the end on a positive note.

Florida divorce after 50 not as rough on finances as imagined

There are many Florida couples who divorce daily and are able to be financially stable not long after. For many older couples, though, it may be harder. We have previously discussed complex property division and alimony, but have yet to discuss financial protection. When a couple decides to divorce after 50, the result can be detrimental to one's financial stability. Of course, this fact likely won't make someone want to stay in a marriage they are unhappy in, and there are strategies one can use to be protected financially in the event of a divorce.

January may be best month for Florida divorce

New Years celebrations may be spent counting down the minutes until midnight for many Florida residents. The new year brings new beginnings and it often gets people excited thinking of all of the possibilities the new year has to offer. Aside from many New Years traditions, there is one trend that is just beginning -- divorce. It's true that many divorce lawyers claim there are many filing for divorce in January, and there may be a few reasons for it.

Should a Florida prenuptial be disputed in a divorce?

Many issues in a Florida divorce can easily be resolved and prevented if the couple had a prenuptial agreement, or talked about the situation before it ever happens. Issues regarding finances are likely the base of any prenuptial agreement, but sometimes it may not go as planned. A divorce has recently been halted as the result of both parties violating their prenuptial agreement.

Florida parents should remember children during divorce

Divorce is an emotional and sometimes lengthy process for many Florida couples. So many issues have to be covered and things can get hectic, even for children. It is important to recognize the emotions that children are feeling, even if they do not voice them. Children can often be unintentionally forgotten during a divorce. However, there are many things that parents can do during the divorce to make children feel included, and more importantly -- remembered.

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