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How a net worth estimation can help when dividing property

One of the most important aspects of any Florida divorce involves negotiating the division of marital wealth. People tend to get very emotional when money is involved, especially when the decisions that are made will have a lasting impact on their lives. Dividing property can be the most contentious part of a divorce, but it does not have to be such a burden. Spouses can make things a great deal easier by creating a net worth estimation prior to beginning those negotiations.

Women often face unique divorce issues based on gender roles

America has come a long way in the struggle for gender equality, and women enjoy more rights and a higher level of equality than ever before in our nation's history. Even so, there are still persistent beliefs about how women fare during divorce, and how their interests are served throughout the divorce process. Many people still believe that women walk away from a Florida divorce in a better financial position than men. Statistics demonstrate that this is a misconception.

Dissolution of marriage and the family business

When spouses are also business partners, there are two relationships at play. If one of those relationships end, the other is likely to be impacted. Understanding the available options can make it easier for a Florida couple to create a plan for dividing their business interests during the dissolution of marriage.

Technology offers several DIY divorce options

In today's world, it seems like anything can be handled with a smart phone and the right applications. We can order our groceries, look up the weather, stream music and figure out how to repair our vehicle, all using the tiny computers that we now carry around in our pockets or handbags. When it comes to divorce, several companies have created apps that aim to give users the tools and information they need to complete a divorce largely on their own. While this may sound appealing to many in Florida, divorce is just not as simple as ordering take-out or looking up a sports score.

Be aware of these tax changes that follow a divorce

As Florida residents prepare to complete their divorce, taxes might be the last thing on their minds. It is important, however, to understand the tax changes that will come once one transitions from married to single. Whether positive or negative, these changes will impact the years that follow a divorce and require careful planning.

Divorce is a time to focus on future financial goals

The end of a marriage can be a hectic time with a number of pressing obligations and a seemingly never-ending list of items on a Florida spouse's to-do list. It is important to make time to review one's financial goals during this time as they will differ now that the marital partnership is ending. Having a clear idea of where one would like to be after a divorce makes it far easier to map out a path to reach that destination.

Court says "no" to reversing divorce

Most Florida spouses who file for divorce do so with the intention of severing all ties with their soon-to-be ex. In many cases, this is exactly what will happen once the divorce is made final, and both parties will move forward toward new lives. In some cases, however, spouses who go through divorce reconnect, and some will even take their vows a second time. A recent case illustrates one couple's journey from married to divorced and then to a courtroom as they attempt to have their divorce overturned.

Resolving divorce issues while considering a return to work

Hammering out the details of a divorce settlement is a process that is far more involved than many Florida spouses anticipate. There are a multitude of considerations to take into account, and there is also the underlying tension that comes with making any significant financial decision. For some, divorce will lead to a return to the workforce, a change that is not always wanted. Understanding how divorce issues will affect one's future financial standing can make it easier to concentrate on finding the best possible job after the marriage has ended.

Many will wait until after the holidays to announce divorce

In just a few weeks, the seemingly endless hustle and bustle of the holiday season will be a thing of the past. Once the gifts are put away, the decorations taken down and the last glass of eggnog is drained, many Florida spouses will be ready to have a serious discussion with their partners about their desires to divorce. Very few people broach the subject in the midst of the holidays, which is why divorce attorneys see so many new filings in the first few months of each year.

Be considerate when asking a spouse for divorce

As the holidays approach, many Florida spouses are aware that this will be the last year that their family celebrates as a combined unit. The decision to divorce may have been made months ago, but very few spouses will broach the subject during the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. When the time does come to discuss the matter, it is very important for the spouse who initiates that conversation to consider the feelings of the other party.

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