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Child custody case leads to outrage among many

An unusual and controversial custody battle has resulted in a  win for one mother who has been fighting with the state to regain custody of her daughter. The child custody case centers on a teenage girl with severe medical and behavioral problems that require professional care. Her mother adopted her at the age of five, and was fully aware of her special needs. In fact, those needs were the very reason behind the woman's desire to provide the child with a loving home, which is also the case for some Florida families who have opened their hearts and homes to special needs children.

Conflict, not military divorce, can impact many children

For most Florida military parents, the decision to end their marriage is not an easy choice to make. Parents worry that their kids will suffer from a fundamental change in the family's structure. In fact, many couples will remain together for many years after the union is effectively over in order to give their kids what they believe is a stable life. Research suggests, however, that conflict within a family can have a serious negative impact on kids, even more so than a military divorce.

Spousal support overturned for cheating wife

The manner in which family law courts approach alimony is changing, and many states are considering legislation that would reduce the amount paid and/or the duration of those payments. In Florida and elsewhere, the spousal support guidelines of today could be very different in the years to come. Often, court outcomes in one state will have an impact on how similar matters are addressed in other states. Such may be the case in regard to alimony payments for spouses who have committed adultery.

Prenuptial agreements could save this CEO a fortune

Many Florida readers are unfamiliar with the name Elon Musk. He is the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX and is estimated to be worth more than $13 billion. Musk is divorcing his wife, and this divorce is not the first for the couple. Musk is on his second marriage to actress Talulah Riley, and many are speculating whether the couple also had two prenuptial agreements.

Consider this before signing prenuptial agreements in Florida

Many couples in Florida are currently discussing their relationships, and some may be including marriage as a possibility. Marriage planning can be simple or complex, depending on an individual couple's immediate and long-term goals. Prenuptial agreements can cause complications if those involved rush in without first considering a few matters of importance.

State seeks to impose oversight on family law matter

A piece of legislation has been presented to one state that would impose state oversight on the transfer of child custody from one party to another. The matter has received widespread media coverage, and the practice of private custody transfers has been termed "re-homing," after the process by which pet owners find new homes for animals that they have adopted but no longer wish to care for. Readers in Florida and elsewhere will continue to follow the family law matter, as states debate how to address this growing problem.

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