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6 types of child custody schedules

Child custody arrangements can be challenging to navigate, especially during a divorce or separation. It is important to find a schedule that works best for the children involved while considering the parents' responsibilities. According to a study from the Dads...

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How courts determine spousal support

Spousal support in Florida can take various forms, including bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative and durational alimony. Each type serves a unique purpose, depending on the circumstances of the divorce. The Florida Statutes provides guidance to courts when determining...

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Men’s rights in a divorce

Divorce is a challenging chapter in life. Understanding your rights is crucial, especially for men facing this process. The Sunshine State has specific laws that govern divorce proceedings. Being informed can help you navigate the complexities. Custody considerations...

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Tips for a high-asset divorce

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the divorce rate in Florida in 2021 was at 3.4%. As couples navigate the end of their marriage, they have many considerations to make. Having higher wealth can complicate the process. High-asset divorces...

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