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April 2016 Archives

Florida governor vetoes child custody and alimony bill

Many Florida residents are aware that legislators have been debating multiple changes to the manner in which family law is handled within the state. Specifically, a bill that would change both alimony and child custody law has been making its way through the legislative process, and was recently presented to Florida Governor Rick Scott. That bill was vetoed by Scott, which marks the second time he has stopped legislation centered on these issues over the past three years. The move has led to continued debate on the issue, with strong opinions on both sides.

Spousal support overturned for cheating wife

The manner in which family law courts approach alimony is changing, and many states are considering legislation that would reduce the amount paid and/or the duration of those payments. In Florida and elsewhere, the spousal support guidelines of today could be very different in the years to come. Often, court outcomes in one state will have an impact on how similar matters are addressed in other states. Such may be the case in regard to alimony payments for spouses who have committed adultery.

The complexity of international child custody matters

When Florida parents are unable to come to an agreement on the care and custody of shared children, the matter often ends up going before a family court. When there are matters of international jurisdiction, these cases can become incredibly complex and can drag on for many years. The Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (commonly known as the Hague Convention) was put into place to help nations determine how to proceed when a child within their borders is subject to a child custody case in another jurisdiction.

Child custody case centers on Native American ancestry

Anyone in Florida who has gone through a custody battle knows just how emotionally tumultuous and challenging that experience can be. Most child custody cases are carried out between two biological parents and center on the care and custody of shared children. There are other types of cases, however, where the players do not fit that mold. An example is found in the recent case of a foster family fighting over the right to raise a little girl who has been in their home for the past four years.

Prenuptial agreements could save this CEO a fortune

Many Florida readers are unfamiliar with the name Elon Musk. He is the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX and is estimated to be worth more than $13 billion. Musk is divorcing his wife, and this divorce is not the first for the couple. Musk is on his second marriage to actress Talulah Riley, and many are speculating whether the couple also had two prenuptial agreements.

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