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March 2016 Archives

Dissolution of marriage and the family business

When spouses are also business partners, there are two relationships at play. If one of those relationships end, the other is likely to be impacted. Understanding the available options can make it easier for a Florida couple to create a plan for dividing their business interests during the dissolution of marriage.

Technology offers several DIY divorce options

In today's world, it seems like anything can be handled with a smart phone and the right applications. We can order our groceries, look up the weather, stream music and figure out how to repair our vehicle, all using the tiny computers that we now carry around in our pockets or handbags. When it comes to divorce, several companies have created apps that aim to give users the tools and information they need to complete a divorce largely on their own. While this may sound appealing to many in Florida, divorce is just not as simple as ordering take-out or looking up a sports score.

Consider this before signing prenuptial agreements in Florida

Many couples in Florida are currently discussing their relationships, and some may be including marriage as a possibility. Marriage planning can be simple or complex, depending on an individual couple's immediate and long-term goals. Prenuptial agreements can cause complications if those involved rush in without first considering a few matters of importance.

Florida moves toward equally shares child custody approach

A piece of proposed legislation has passed the Florida Senate and is making its way to the House. The controversial bill would require family court judges to approach each child custody case with the presumption that a 50/50 division of custody is the best outcome for shared children. That has sparked a great deal of debate within the state, and there are strong opinions on both sides of the matter.

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