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Three facts for Florida parents about child custody

| Jun 3, 2021 | Child Custody |

Child custody is a tough topic for Florida families during divorce proceedings. When two parents love their children but must find a way to share them following the end of their marriage, questions and fears can become apparent. It is in these difficult situations that the parties can lean on and turn to their trusted divorce attorneys for support and guidance.

There are many pieces of information that parents should understand about child custody in Florida, but this post will introduce them to three important themes about the subject. No part of this post should be read as legal advice. Specific items about individual child custody cases should be directed to knowledgeable lawyers who are familiar with the specific cases.

Fact #1: Child custody is about the children’s best interests, not the parents

There is no question that child custody is difficult on parents and kids, but when it comes to making decisions, the most important consideration is the best interests of the children. Courts will look at many factors to decide how and with whom children should be raised following a divorce. Parents should understand that they can advocate for and voice their preferences about child custody outcomes, but courts will ultimately look at many factors to decide what will best serve the kids.

Fact #2: Child custody can be shared between divorced parents

Shared custody, sometimes called joint custody, is an option in Florida. This means that parents may share in the responsibilities of raising their kids following their divorces. While sole custody may be awarded to some parents based on their particular situations, many families have shared custody plans that allow children to have time with both of their parents.

Fact #3: Child custody can be changed over time

Child custody decisions bind families to particular rights and responsibilities. Those decisions are based on the information courts have when the decisions are made. Over time, however, the needs and preferences of children may alter, and existing child custody plans may become insufficient. When such changes happen, parents may seek to modify their custody plans to better suit their children’s needs.

Child custody is not an easy matter to deal with. Having strong legal counsel and zealous representation can help a parent understand their options under the law and fight for what they believe is in the best interests of their kids.


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