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How we help clients through a divorce

| May 21, 2021 | Divorce |

In life, things happen, and unfortunately, a divorce is a dramatic change, regardless of how the entire process works out. The divorce process can quickly become highly emotional with acrimony and retribution becoming a staple of the process. This is why many going through the divorce process feel extremely vulnerable, but we are here to help our clients manage the Florida divorce process and come out okay.

The back-and-forth

To show the duality issues in a divorce, in one second, one may be thinking, “why doesn’t my spouse love me,” to “how can I get my spouse away?” It is just a fact of the divorce process that it is emotionally trying. But, what many Floridians forget is there is a huge financial aspect to a Florida divorce as well, which only further complicates the legal issues involved.

Having an experienced lawyer can help though

At The Holman Law Firm, we always advocate for the best interests of our Pensacola, Florida, clients. We do not let anyone’s ex-spouse take advantage of the situation. We have decades of experience as divorce litigators and helping couples resolve their disputes.

In fact, with our experience, we can often resolve issues outside of court, but we have the skills needed to actually litigate in court as well. Our Pensacola, Florida, clients can depend on our knowledge, experience and courtroom skills. From creating or negotiating marital settlement agreements to addressing child custody and support to evaluating and dividing property and more, we offer free initial consultations to ensure that we are the right fit and can help.

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